Sheryl Nazzaro

Owner, Practitioner, Educator & Counselor

NH Licensed Nail Technician, 1993

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher, 2002

Certified Guided Visualization Coach, 2002

Certified LUX Method Reflexology, 2002

Scared Flames Reiki Master, 2002

Imara Reiki Master, 2002

Guild Certified Hypnotherapist, 2007

Certified Aromatherapist, 2017

Crystal Reiki Master / Teacher, 2019

Certificate in Grief Reiki Healing, 2019

Certificate in Animal Energy Healing, 2019

Lightarian Institute - AngelLinks Facilitator, 2019

Angelic Reiki Master / Teacher 2020

About Sheryl:

Sheryl learned about spirit at an early age. Today she continues to develop and nurture that relationship. As a lifelong intuitive she is continuously drawn to learn new modalities to add to her vast arsenal of healing tools. Teaching is where Sheryl comes alive, as she is most willing to share knowledge gained through her years of experiences and relationships with metaphysical people throughout the US. The BLOOM studio began as a dream and is quickly budding into a thriving community. Each of our providers and contributors fills the studio with radiance. Our soul mission is to offer services, workshops and certifications at the most reasonable prices so that growth and empowerment is available to everyone!

Laurie Mullen

Practitioner, Educator & Counselor

Shoden Reiki Level II, 2017

Usui Reiki Level II, 2018

2019 Graduate of

Artemisia Botanicals Green Witch School of Herbalism

Initiate of Munay-ki Rite of the Q’erio Shaman’s of Peru

Okuden Jikiden Reiki, 2020

About Laurie:

Laurie is a natural born energy healer. She is able to walk into a room and immediately see where healing is needed. Her desire to be of service to humanity by way of offering healing and education to others so they can live more productive and successful lives stands in the forefront of who she is. With her multiple attunements to reiki energy she brings a level of calm and peace to everything she does. Sharing the Munay-ki Rites and her in depth knowledge of herbs, flowers and roots is something that comes natural to Laurie as her mission is to empower you to create your best physical, mental and spiritual health!

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