Holistic Spa Services

Energy Balancing

With Divine guidance and the knowledge of many healing

modalities we will open your energy centers so that they can be cleaned of stagnant energetic debris. All chakras will be balanced and your person fully grounded in the now.

You will leave relaxed and feel a renewed sense of self!

Appointments run for approx. 1 hour and cost $30

Foot Treatments

Enjoy a soak in a seasonally blended warm tea bath that is made from dried herbs and flowers. Next a detoxing Himalayan salt scrub with an essential oil and hydrating cream foot and lower leg massage that combines both a relaxing massage along with foot reflexology.

Appointments run approx.

1 hour and cost $45

Past Life Therapy

Together we will create a comfortable and relaxing meditative state where we will explore the idea of a life before today. Once there, we will ask the Universe for Divine guidance so that we can leave that time and place in peace and offer it healing so that negative patterns and behaviors can be acknowledged with love and acceptance, allowing them to dissolve.

Appointments run for approx. 1.5 hours and cost $75


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